Crown Hill Farm is more than a house, and more than a chunk of land. It is a story unto itself, both figuratively and literally. Our stewardship of this farm is a continuation of that story, and we want it to include you too. Welcome!
~ Missy & Jaice Singer DuMars

What it's all about

While Crown Hill Farm is a farm, it’s a lot more than that. The mission of the farm is nourishment, not only of the body, but also the mind, soul, and disposition. A visit to the farm is really immersion in a way of life centered around connection between all of the systems that sustain and enrich life. From pastoral quiet that invites one into peaceful reflection to food that grew just a minutes walk from where it is eaten, the farm provides, and our mission as caretakers is to extend this to everyone who comes to visit and stay. 

Crown Hill Farm represents the first full-time farming opportunity for us both, so there’s a lot of learning every day of the year. The spirit of continuous improvement, and hands-on experiential learning runs deep in everything that happens on the farm.

Between us, we represent an unorthodox pastiche of skills. We both have deep backgrounds in technology and business, as well as a sincere appreciation for and involvement in the arts. I (Missy) help service-based entrepreneurs build their businesses, and Jaice works for a technology company building open source communities. Together we channel the power of connecting people, cultivated aesthetics, sacred awareness, and inspired leadership to every endeavor we undertake

Winding up in the farming world grew out of a desire to dig deep into health, wellness, and connection to the land. In an unconventional way, life at Crown Hill Farm is the sum of all the lessons learned along the way, fused with the incredible responsibility of working with the Earth’s natural rhythms.  Every part of life on the farm is sculpted around conscious being, with extreme care and attention paid to empowering health, wellness, and simplicity.

A picture of crown hill farm

Crown Hill Farm is situated aptly enough, on top of a hill in Eden, New York. From the front porch, you can spot Lake Erie on the horizon, and the land itself is flanked by vineyards, an organic hay field, and rich hardwood forests. A lazy creek runs through the property, where children of generations gone by would laugh and play.  When you walk the land, you can feel the history.  These images were definitely brought to life by visits from people who lived at the house in the 50s.  We have been fortunate to know all of the former owners back to 1948.  The growing season is remarkably long, with a Summer that has drawn people to the area for generations. Crown Hill is always graced with a pleasant breeze, and occasionally mercurial weather. Its variety is inextricably linked to its unique charm. 

How we landed here

You could say in some ways the farm found us.  We decided to move from Colorado in 2016 in search of someplace with “arable land, affordability, and access to an international airport.” After spotting Crown Hill Farm on Trulia, it became the high bar for places after it. After two in-person visits to view the property, as well as a handful of other houses, we knew that Crown Hill Farm was it. The rest is history.

Crown Hill Farm- the land & history

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