Heirloom Vegetables

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You may have heard the term 'Heirloom' before and wondered what it is and why is it so important?
Heirlooms trace their ancestry back many years to a time when pesticides and herbicides were not in use. As Jere Gettle, the owner of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. puts it, “Basically, an Heirloom seed is one that has been passed down through families and is usually considered to be over 50 years old. Some varieties even date back to Thomas Jefferson’s garden and beyond.”

Unlike hybrids or GMO’s which often have problems reproducing to the parent strain, Heirloom seeds can be saved and replanted, ensuring a trustworthy supply of family food year after year.

Crown Hill Farm is dedicated to supporting this kind of food diversity and sovereignty.

Biodiversity serves two functions.  It provides a delicious variety of nutrients and flavors in our foods not found in standard mass-grown grocery store produce.  Additionally, biodiversity provides natural protection from complete loss of crop due to disease or illness without the use of heavy pesticides.  The lack of diversity in crop has led to such devastation as the Potato Famine when one strain of disease affects an entire country's food source.

We also believe that every little bit of sovereignty an individual can claim with their food sources is a move towards wellness and abundance.  It is a step off of the systems that support illness, poverty and struggle.

By advocating for heirloom seeds, we foster a world where individuals can provide for themselves in a healthy, enjoyable, abundant way.